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Spreading the Joy with Desi Sanchez, Founder of GamesGeeksTech

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With a passion for fun tech and her most recent business launch solidly in its third year, founder Desi Sanchez sought new creative outlets and launched GamesGeeksTech in September, a site for the latest in consumer tech and video games.

Desi shares:   “I’m infinitely joyful that I took the plunge to launch this new business; in all 15 years of being an entrepreneur, this is the most excited I’ve ever been!  A website, a YouTube channel, and a podcast segment that now reaches 3.5-4 million listeners every week, GamesGeeksTech encompasses my love of technology and gaming while allowing me to tell stories that aren’t always heard — such as those of women & people of color in these rather homogeneous industries.” 

Desi’s tips?  Invest time and money wisely….and make the most of setbacks.  

  1. You’re going to fail.  Don’t walk away from failed endeavors without taking the ideas, processes and people that DID work and incorporate them into your next venture
  2. Start professionally, not fancy. I see a lot of people spending big money on marketing right off the bat, before they have tested the market.  Find low cost or free ways to test logos and creative ideas.  If you discover an ‘oops’, you’re not already thousands in the hole; you can afford to retool your materials
  3. Know when to go all-in. There’s no shame in working full time or having a job on the side when you start out.  But recognize when critical mass has been attained; even if you’re not quite making a full-time income from your business, it might be time to take the leap and fully dedicate yourself

Thanks for sharing, Desi!  Keep on BOOMing!!

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