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Spreading the Joy with Emily Taffel, Founder and CEO of Mugsy PR

Landing a big client…and birthing a brilliantly unruly newborn.

As if running a successful PR agency wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Founder and CEO Emily Taffel of Mugsy PR also launched her latest business, Unruly Emotion in September.  

Emily shares:   “In 2016 we had the most successful year so far for Mugsy PR in terms of reach with our first large scale, international client. I was also able to figure out a work-life balance this year which allowed me more time with my family as well as an opportunity to launch a side business I have been working on – a line of empowering and feminist themed baby onesies. We launched Unruly Emotion in September and had incredible support and great sales so far this year. We can’t wait to see what comes next!” 

Emily’s tips for busy Founders?  Manage time and priorities carefully.  

  1. Streamline your social media intake.  You will be amazed how much more you get done if you stay off of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for a full 24 hours
  2. Realize that you cannot do it all. You can outsource anything, from laundry to product launches. Learn what works best for you personally and for your business.
  3. Focus on YOU. What you do best, what you bring to the table. Not what everyone else is doing. Comparing yourself and your business to others is the fastest way to ruin a good thing.

Thanks for sharing, Emily.  Clearly a winning strategy!  Keep on BOOMing!!

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