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Spreading the Joy with Francis Perdue, CEO of PS Media Talent

Well, you’ve done it. You’ve made it to the end of another year. 

However, regardless how challenging each year is, owning ones own business can be joyful too! 

That’s why this week — in the spirit of the holiday season — we’re asking a wide range of women entrepreneurs what brings them joy when they reflect back on 2016.

Hear from…Francis Perdue CEO of PS Media Talent

When asked about the accomplishment(s) of 2016 that brought her joy, Francis shared—

“I accomplished being nominated for a Black Business Hall of Fame Award in 2016 by The Hart Leadership Foundation for the category of Entertainment, Innovation & Technology. It gave me pure joy to be apart of this group of business owners  nominated who have decades of success and that I personally look up to like KJLH (102.3 FM) & for us to be fairly new with 5 years  in comparison to their longevity gives us hope for a bright future. I’ve listened to KJLH as a child into adulthood and I remember getting up early in the morning  to hear my name being called on “roll call” for birthdays. Hearing a fireside chat at the event by Mellody Hobson, President of Ariel Investments and Chairman of DreamWorks Animation made me feel like I will be a multimillionaire soon. Ms. Hobson was interviewed by television and film actor Wren T. Brown & the spirit of her tenacity for success & what she overcame in the investment arena was amazing. Being married to George Lucas had no reflection on her success and that was great to hear about a power couple plus the success being based on her own merit. As an entrepreneur it is great to experience the company of such successful people. Listening to their stories of their success gave me strength to keep fighting as a small business in a global economy.”

Francis also shared with us some personal advice for other entrepreneurs to use for really conquering the upcoming year. Her three tips for a successful 2017 are…

  1. Be the leader that is confident enough to make your “no” need no explanation.
  2. Keep making contacts because you never know who will be in a position to assist you later on in life.
  3. Treat people fairly and they will remember you and refer others of quality to you.

Thanks for sharing your biggest 2016 moment of joy and advice for 2017, Francis! Keep on BOOMing!!

Remember! If you’d like to your joy with us please send your submissions here!