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Spreading the Joy with Jill Glaser, Owner of Make Up First

Here’s even more JOY for the year ahead!

This week — in the spirit of the holiday season — we asked women entrepreneurs what brings them joy when they reflect back on 2016.

Share the joy with…Jill Glaser, Owner, Make Up First School of Make Up Artistry

Jill says…

I was proud that I was financially able to donate an impressive amount of money to help feed individuals in need, through the Greater Chicago Food Drive/WGN.

Jill also shared with us some personal advice for other entrepreneurs to use throughout 2017…

1. Forget that you are a woman; it is irrelevant, you are the boss…period.

2. Treat others as you would like to have been treated when you were in their position.

3. Create a business doing something that you love; you will be working 24/7, so be sure you are in an industry that you find fulfilling.

Thanks for sharing your biggest 2016 moment of joy and advice for 2017, Jill! Keep on BOOMing!!

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