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Spreading the Joy with La’Daska Powell, Founder of Ladaska Mechelle

Like mother, like son. The joy of mentoring a new entrepreneur.

La’Daska Powell, Founder of high-end clothing line, LADASKA MECHELLE, has been working diligently for years to build her brand. Now, she has her own showroom, and is even helping her son become an entrepreneur too.

La’Daska explains what gave her pure joy this year: 

“I actually accomplished two things that I’m extremely excited about. I opened and launched my showroom last week and I helped my 13 year old son launch his skincare line for dry skin and Eczema. It was super exciting to move forward with opening my showroom. For years I had been working from home but as time went by, it was prohibiting me from really moving to the next level. I felt stuck at times and limited when it came to professionalism. So on a whim, I listened to my gut instinct and found a space that I could hold meetings for buyers, stylists, and boutiques owners. Now I’m planning a 2 month buyer meeting with owners throughout Long Island, NY. And now I am carrying my son’s skincare line there and we’re both excited about helping other kids and parents who have Eczema — in a natural way.”

Here are La’Daska’s tips of advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs:

  1. Trust your instinct. If it feels right, go with it, if it doesn’t, wait or pass on it.
  2. Write your goals with a few people and have accountability partners who help you stay on track with accomplishing your goals.
  3. Don’t allow small setbacks prohibit your success or stop you from accomplishing your goals.

Keep on BOOMing in 2017, La’Daska!

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