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Spreading the Joy with Rucha Gokhale, Founder & CEO of IndyRise

Starting trouble  — and sharing success — with Rucha Gokhale!

Bringing women together, and spreading the joy…Rucha Gokhale and her new venture are doing it. We met Rucha when we first launched sheBOOM. (Our trademark attorney introduced us to her!) That, in turn, connected us with a new circle of female founders. We’ve profiled some of them (including Rucha) over the past 60 days. What we love most about her and her “tribe” is their willingness to collaborate and share — their time, their insights, their humor, and their products/services. Only by women supporting other women can we all prosper.

Rucha of IndyRise shares her biggest 2016 joy with sheBOOM…

“Our first philanthropic project as a company called Starting Trouble! We wanted to create and share stories of real women who work hard and grow their careers in fulfilling ways. We wanted to build a community of these women, a support group if you will, to help each other out and to mentor each other through our journeys. And we did! We are just finishing up one season, and gearing up for the second. We had a fantastic year end event, where the women that we interviewed for the Starting Trouble weekly podcast show, returned to continue the conversation in a panel format. Looking forward to growing this movement in 2017.”

What are the three things Rucha wants to share with other women? 

  1. Be present: Plan your day, and as you go through every moment, give your full attention to what’s in front of you
  2. Be kind: It’s easy to get caught up in your own story, but if you take a moment to empathize with someone else’s you’ll feel more fulfilled
  3. Be loved:  Surround yourself with positive experiences, things and most importantly people. Who has the time for naysayers and negativity? We have to keep moving forward and do wonderful things for ourselves and the world around us.

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