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Starting Trouble at “Rucha’s House”

What’s Better Than a Pre-Holiday Gathering of Female Founders?

Starting Trouble!

Rucha Gokhale (who we profiled last month) loves producing salon-like gatherings of women entrepreneurs, under the brand “Starting Trouble.” Put a group of women together at WeWork…throw in some pizza, cookies, and a beer tap…and the stories start flowing. Rucha is an engineer by training and an app developer by vocation, but she could just as easily be a talk show hostess.

The panel consisted of a dating/lifestyle coach, a health and fitness coach, a baker, a foreign exchange expert, and a trademark attorney. Talk about an eclectic crew! But we all shared common challenges and were able to help each other out with tips and referrals.  Afterwards, we mingled, chatted, and hugged goodbye (as many of us women tend to do…even after just knowing each other for a couple of hours).

Hosting events and making sure people actually show up (especially around the holiday season) is always hard work. In fact, next week is all about the event industry. But for Rucha, gathering women together to talk about their businesses is a true labor of love. We’ll be sure to let sheBOOM readers know when the next one is happening!