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Stressing-Out About Social Media? Here Are Ways to Save Time and Stay Calm

Who has the time for all of this “stuff?” – many business owners exclaim. If you didn’t grow up in the digital era, coming up to speed on social media is even tougher. Here are some quick tips on how to wade into the social media pool and staff a great social media team. If you were raised in the Internet era, you may have learned how to use your online skills for communication and relationship-building, but are still struggling with how to apply those skills to business.

Here are 10 simple steps toward staying calm and posting on in the social media world.

  1. Pace yourself. Don’t feel compelled to do everything all at once. Pick an app or two that your customers and prospects seem to use and focus on those.
  2. Find out what skills exist within your current team. You may have a great writer in your midst or someone who’s great with a camera. Enlist them in your social media activities.
  3. If your budget can handle it, consider outsourcing some of your social media functions to an experienced professional. Many businesses think hiring an intern is the answer (because he or she may be fluent in technology). But only you – the business owner – knows your brand and messaging. You still have to lead the charge.
  4. Use easy-to-manage time-saving apps like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to pre-schedule posts and to re-purpose content across several different social media outlets.
  5. Carry your smart phone with you at all times and turn those everyday moments into instant Instagram posts. (It will become a habit in no time!)
  6. Speaking of habits, set aside 10 minutes each day to manage your “social media life.” You can spend it reviewing your site activity, gathering some new friends, or simply staying smart on social media trends.
  7. Create a social support group. Find other women in your community who need help with social media and meet once a month to discuss common issues and solutions.
  8. Follow the leaders. Look to other women in your industry who have used social media to build awareness and sales. Our weekly sheBOOMer column includes some of these stories. Check out their social media sites and learn from their insights.
  9. Look to people OUTSIDE your industry, too. Here are some everyday women who are “killing it like a girl” on social media.
  10. Above all, do not let social media stress you out! Studies have shown that spending too much time in the online world can be bad for your health. Although you need to use it to help grow your business, unplugging and building relationships in the “real world” is essential to business growth too!