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Summer 2020: What Will YOU Do With It?

I’ve lived through 63 summers. 

But none will be quite like this one. I am hustling harder than ever, am deeply disturbed by the environment of intolerance and hatred, and missing my kids and grandkids (who live across the country). But I try to wake up every morning with a smile.

And I ask myself, “How can I make a difference in someone’s life today?”

Summer 2020 will be unique and challenging because…

  • Millions of women lost their jobs and will be searching for new ones, developing new skills, and/or taking the bold leap to launch a business
  • Entrepreneurial mothers will need to find summer activities for their kids because many camps have been canceled or moved online
  • Innovative female founders are creating new solutions for a new world
  • College students embark on new ventures,  like our sheBOOM summer associate Christina from ASU, who is still full of hopes and dreams — and who inspires me each day

Obstacles and downturns create opportunities, as I’ve learned. Stay positive and hopeful. Learn new and useful skills. I read Crucial Accountability (pictured above), which helped me hone my communications and leadership skills. Reach out to other women entrepreneurs for advice and support. Seek out mentors. Or become one.

And make time for FUN (however you define it in this brave new world). I re-discovered bicycling, a childhood passion. In doing so, I found a great new woman-owned helmet brand (pictured above). Here’s to a memorable (but different) 64th summer!

What are YOU doing to heal and amuse yourself and your tribe?

We fierce, fun femmes of summer are changing the world — one sunny day at a time — and we want to hear from you throughout Summer 2020. Simply fill out this form.