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Sweets Week: Entrepreneurs & Just Desserts

In 1984, July was declared National Ice Cream Month.

In honor of that cool date, we’re dedicating the days leading up to July 16th (National Ice Cream Day 2017) with stories of women who turn their passion for treats into their entrepreneurial ventures.

Food businesses are tough to scale. The competition is, like well-beaten egg whites — stiff. Taking your brand from the kitchen to the masses can be challenging. That said, sheBOOM will be filled with tasty tales of those women who have perfected the recipe for feeding their wallets by turning food treats into profits. Cookies, cakes, ice cream, candy, milk shakes and other sweet beverages — the works!

We’ll also be sharing tips from Cheryl Clements, who is helping foodiepreneurs (of all kinds) fund their ventures with her food-only crowd funding site, PieShell.

Do you have a story to tell about your own sweet business? (Food AND beverage qualifies…just must be a dessert or sweet treat.) Please contact us (nancy@sheboom.com) no later than July 10th. You need to have been in business for at least a year and be willing to share (approximate) sales stats. Looking for facts and figures — not just sweet fluff. We’d like to know…

  • What factors led to your business’ success? What did you learn and/or would never do again?
  • How do you stand out from the competition?
  • What changes have you made over time to meet consumer demand?
  • Do you use technology to grow your brand? How? Social media?
  • What’s next for you?

The most compelling stories will be featured in sheBOOM and some will also be included in Huff Post this summer.

To whet your appetite for the weeks ahead, here are some dessert fun facts. If you’re planning a business around the sweets space, you need to know what your consumers are consuming!

Yum yum!!