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The 10 Greatest sheBOOM Moments of 2016

In celebration of the approaching new year we asked you to share your greatest joy(s) of 2016… and now it’s our turn. 

We have a lot to be joyful for here at sheBOOM this year (including the recent announcement that we were selected as a Finalist in the prestigious Killer Content Awards, after about 45 days of publishing!

But we couldn’t have done it without YOU — the female founders who share their stories and advice with other women entrepreneurs. 

When reflecting back, we realized how much we covered…people, technologies, finances, ways to grow, and leadership and inspirational advice.  

At the end of the day, it’s about the soul AND the numbers. So, we turned to  WordPress Jetpack (a cool and simple analytical tool) to reveal the 10 “readers choice” sheBOOM moments of 2016, based on engagement and traffic.

But please be sure to peruse the other 150 or so other stories too. You’ll find some wisdom and wit that can help you connect and prosper in 2017!

Watch more stories like these in the year ahead. Please contact us if you want to share yours! Contributors welcome!

10. Discover Your Inner “Trekkie” with Danielle Gingerich

We learned more about the future of social media with self-starter and young entrepreneur Danielle Gingerich. From NYU to big brand companies, all the way to her own business, this sheBOOMer provided us with some great insight and advice on how to start your own business at a young age and pursue what you love.

9. No Muffin Top! Shop for Tech Like You Shop for Jeans!

The right technology can make all the difference when you’re running a business. Accounting, marketing, and sales (CRM – customer relationship management) systems come in many shapes and sizes so they can be matched with your needs and those of your customers! Thank you Ellen Williams for your insights and wit!

8. Designing Dreams: From Home Pages to Homes with Lucie Ayres of 22 Interiors

Lucie Ayres’ first job out of college was with Cushman & Wakefield, where she helped companies with space planning and design. Lucie is a graduate of Cornell’s Design and Environmental Analysis program, where she studied interior design, including ergonomics and product creation.

7. From Finance to Films: Lucia Caldera

A job in the financial world didn’t pack the creative punch Lucia Caldera was looking for, so she left to pursue her passion as a filmmaker as co-owner of Chipotle Films. Now she is spearheading the company’s Women Empowerment Video Initiative, short films that feature stories of entrepreneurial women.

6. Starting Trouble (and Inspiring Entrepreneurs): Rucha Gokhale

What do you do when you can’t find all the networking resources you need to grow your business? Start Trouble! SheBOOM recently spoke with Rucha Gokhale, CEO and founder of IndyRise, a boutique digital product design and development company that recently launched a series of podcasts aimed at helping women entrepreneurs learn and connect.

5. Wearing New York on Your Sleeve with Lynne Lambert from NYC Subway Line

She’s been on the right track to building a fashion brand (literally)! NYC subway letters and numbers are on every corner in Manhattan, but no one thought these iconic symbols could be part of popular fashion.

4. Sweet Success: Nicole Bandklayder

Entrepreneur Nicole Bandklayder is a triple threat. She runs a successful marketing/PR firm, a virtual jewelry and handbag retailer, and most recently launched The Cookie Cups, a bakery that takes the humble cookie and elevates it to the next level.

3. ‘Appily Ever After: Valerie Stark and Stina Sanders

Valerie Stark initially reached out to Stina Sanders through Instagram after discovering they frequented the same yoga studio. Sanders, a former model, reciprocated, and the newly minted BFFs joined forces to create Huggle, an app that connects people based on the places they hang out most.

2. I’m with Her (Shopping locally for underwear)

NOTE: This is NOT a political post…just a story about local retailers, two moms and a woman entrepreneur!

And the number one post of the year (drum roll please)…

1. Haven’t Got Time for the Pain

All women have pains — real ones — at various times in our lives. In fact, one in four people suffer from some type of pain that lasts more than 24 hours. As a chronic migraine sufferer (and publisher of The Daily Migraine, an online support group), Lisa Jacobson, a successful entrepreneur knows that all too well. So what do you do about your business when you wake up in pain?

Well, that’s our list! Hope you enjoyed this years readings and can’t wait to keep the BOOMing going in 2017! Happy holidays and a happy new year!