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The Fan Favorite Snack Necessary for Back to School

Whether you are working from home or corralling restless children during virtual learning, Pipcorn is the must have snack of 2020. 

Siblings, Jeff and Jen Martin, owe their booming business to a snack break during a moving day. And no, it did not come from a box. Instead, their afternoon pick me up emerged from a small bag of heirloom popcorn kernels, a formerly mindless purchase from a Chicago health food store. This once forgotten item from the bottom shelf of the pantry soon became unforgettable–the popcorn dazzled the pair with its enticing flavors. What seemed like a routine snack break ultimately catalyzed Jeff and Jen’s journey to take a chance and start a small business from their very own home kitchens, one rooted in farm fresh ingredients, tasty popcorn, and above all, family ties. 

The resulting brand, Pipcorn, has since flourished with legendary endorsements like the raving review from Oprah Winfrey. This praise represented only the beginning of the Martins’ imminent success. The siblings then sought after the backing of Shark Tank’s titans of industry. With the help of shark Barbara Concoran, Pipcorn expanded from a small family owned venture to a multimillion dollar company.