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The Perfect Wave: Surferpreneurship

The challenge of surfing is much like the thrills and wipe-outs we experience as business owners. The sting of the cold ocean feels like a challenge we all face. I hate it, but I love it!

As business owners, the drive to build something in which we believe propels us to work harder. Sometimes it might not be the easiest thing, like surfing in 62-degree water. Learning the tricks of the trade and waiting for deals that will best serve our companies is the challenge we face daily.

While surfing, when I see the first wave build, I tell myself, wait for the next one, everyone will get on this and it’ll be too busy. In business, when I see a deal start to materialize, I say, wait for the client and the deal that aligns with my company’s mission. But often I can’t take it; the anticipation builds and I fear I’ll miss the best one yet. So I take what I can get and sometimes it’s not the right one.  That is my punishment, I didn’t wait and I wasn’t patient.

I’ve learned to let the deals that seem promising pass me by, and then grab that one that is just right for me and get rewarded. Just like I do while surfing: I wait for the right wave, I hop on it, and I ride it, and it loves me back.

Patience is key in owning a business, and I’ve seen a distinct progression of impatience to patience. As business owners, we want things immediately done how we like. But there’s something to be said about slow, steady growth. Just ride the wave naturally! And then hop on it, fearlessly.

We must learn to be patient and hop on the wave that looks just right, so we can ride it fearlessly!

Surf’s up!

P.S. Surfing is being used as a form of therapy.  To read more about Surf Therapy, visit this site.

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