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Can’t Get to the Beach? You Can Hula Regardless!

Aloha! Do you know what’s in your body products?

Hawaiian Body Products specializes in giving their clients completely natural and organic spa and body products with intoxicating Hawaiian scents direct from Hilo, Hawaii. We spoke with Robin Williams, the company founder, to learn more about what her business is doing to promote health.

In her own words…

“We are a small family owned and operated business located on Hawaii Island since 2005. We are Hawaii’s premium natural and organic green beauty line supplying the finest spas and salons with exceptional island products and services and have received numerous awards from 2016 Beauty with a Conscience to Clean Choice, and Best Body Scrub.”

How does Robin live with beach spirit?

“I am a vegetarian, live clean, spend as much time outdoors as possible. I walk, and hike, spend time with my dogs and friends, swim in the ocean, practice PIYO and focus on positivity.”

Robin’s tips aspiring entrepreneurs: 

“Really understand the products you are using. Are they really healthy, high quality products or just marketed that way? Are the products you use honest? Support small business no matter where it is. Local is local.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Robin!