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This Female is Lighting Up the World of Design

Elena Colombo is a woman with a vision. As a self-identified “healthy pyromaniac,” she developed her passion for fire into a successful entrepreneurial venture. Her company, Fire Features, develops fire, water, and wind features in homes, hotels, and spas. Her keen artistic eye created a highly coveted product that is featured in luxury spaces globally– such as Saudi Arabia, Europe, and India.

It all began with some excess driftwood. Colombo made her first firebowl in her backyard around 2001, and this would soon after become her signature piece. Miami hotel mogul, Andre Balazs, commissioned her firebowl in 2002, and it became a must have element of design sought out by many architects and interior designers. Eighteen years later, she owns a booming business selling the unique product of her artistic genius.

Find her work at firefeatures.com.