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Thoughts on the SuperBowl…from the Comfort of Our Couches

In our eyes, there’s a lot more to the Super Bowl than the big game. (Maybe some of the 113 million viewers that tuned in on Sunday would agree). Between the ads, the music, and of course, the half-time show (we see you, Lady Gaga); there’s plenty of entertainment for non-football fans.

Personally, I hadn’t watched a game of football since the big game in 2016. Super Sunday is the one day a year  I can try to understand the plays, while also enjoying a large quantity of pigs in blankets

Many people wonder why the day after the Superbowl isn’t a national holiday. (We wonder this as well). Heinz Ketchup came up with the idea of “Smunday“, and while most of the country was wishing they were celebrating, our founder, Nancy Shenker published her thoughts on The Huffington Post pre and post SB51.