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Touchdown: Sports, Women & Fair Play

I have sports on the brain.

The approach of the Super Bowl and my company’s work for a sports camp has me thinking about the connection between games on the field and fair play in the business world…especially as it relates to women.

I grew up going to Jets games with my father and brothers and playing tennis in the summer. Living in an urban area, being on a team was not considered cool among my peers. My daughters played soccer, tennis, and volleyball, however. I think that developing team skills in working and playing with other girls was great for them as they evolved into young adulthood. Knowing how to compete but also how to assemble the best team and respect other players is an important skill — especially for women!

Studies have shown that playing sports — even poorly — can lead to greater business success.

Not everyone can be a quarterback. The business world needs place kickers, defensive players, and even a cheerleader or two. What’s most important is that the team works well together, respects the coach, and loses gracefully (learning from their defeats).

We’d like to hear YOUR stories too. How did playing sports help you as an entrepreneur? Who are your sports heroes and why? What are your favorite or least favorite ads and why? (We’re especially interested in how women are portrayed in advertising.) Just send us your info here and you may wind up featured on our sheBOOM “leaderboard.” Please respond no later than February 15th, 2018.