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Two Chicks in a Male-Dominated Jerky World

Shannon Ronan and Breelyn MacDonald, co-founders of Two Chicks Beef Jerky, created an all-natural version of an all-time favorite guilty pleasure, beef jerky. Meat snacks comprise a $1.6 billion market in the U.S., but most brands are created and marketed by men. 

These two wonderful women share their insight on being entrepreneurs!

sheBOOM: “What are the biggest obstacles you’ve run into while developing Two Chicks Beef Jerky?”

Two Chicks: “Our obstacle was the cost of sourcing sustainable, quality ingredients as far as how that related to cost of production and therefore our price points from buyers to consumers. Though, this is something we will never stray from as part of our mission statement. It means more to us to stand behind a product we’re proud of than to source ingredients in an unsustainable way for the bottom line.”

sheBOOM: “What advice would you give fellow sheBOOMers who are looking to go into the food and beverage industry?”

Two Chicks: “Perseverance is the single biggest piece of advice I’d give. You’re going to encounter hiccups and things you’re going to have to deal with you never imagined, and things taking longer than you want- so hang tight!”
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