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Two Fave Films for Women of Any Age

This morning I encouraged two women business students to watch “Mildred Pierce.”

They had never heard of it. I have no idea what they’ll think about it. It was made before we were all born (1945) but it has a few timeless themes that are relevant to professional women (and working mothers). When financial woes befall her, Mildred doesn’t whine or start drinking heavily. She turns her incredible pie-baking skills into a major money-making operation. (Of course it contains some not-so-great lessons too, but I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who’ve never viewed it.)

During an Oscars conversation, a woman asked me what my favorite movies of all time are. The list is way too long for this site, but as long as we’re talking about films related to tenacity and drama and period costumes, I’ll add “Working Girl” in which the hair and the dreams are both big and Alec Baldwin is very young. The boss character is a woman-hating woman, so even though we’re no longer in the 1980’s that type still (sadly) exists. Having a “Jack” in our lives can be a great thing, however.

From the bakery to the boardroom, from the silver screen to the laptop screen, each one of us has the potential to be a leading lady. What are YOUR favorite films?