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Under Pressure? It’s Time to Prosper!

We’ve all been there. After weeks of hoping business would pick up, customers suddenly appear…and then you go from the dead zone to wondering how you’re going to keep your customers delighted.

(If your business is slow this year, be sure to take advantage of community events, social media marketing, and other seasonal opportunities to build awareness and sales.)

Although crunch times in business can be great for your bottom line, they can take their toll on service quality, team morale, and your own personal health and well-being.

Although talking/complaining about how busy you are is common for many of us, it can actually contribute to your level of stress. Just accept the fact that you’re going to go through a busy time, and prepare yourself and your business for the flurry of activity. These are some other ways to break free of the “busy trap.”

We’re sharing even more tips to keep the spring in your step during this season:

  • Assess your staff needs. If you need to hire additional people to get you through a busy season, ask your team for referrals. Keep in mind too that some administrative and marketing tasks can be handled by bright college students and graduates who are off for the summer.
  • Reinforce the importance of customer service to your team. During busy times, everyone is putting in long hours and tempers can flare. How you deal with your customers (and potential new customers redeeming gift certificates) can make or break your reputation. Smile, smile, smile! (See Your People for more customer service tips.)
  • Consider extending your hours during busy times, rather than turning customers away.
  • Don’t stop your marketing and business development activities. Growing your business is a 24/7/365 activity. The things you’re doing in the spring will pay-off during slower times.
  • Keep yourself calm and focused. Here are 13 great ways to do it.

We’d love to hear YOUR tips for getting through busy times too!