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Visiting the Ladies’ Room with Dr. Donnica

Behind the closed doors and stalls of ladies’ rooms everywhere exists is a safe space where women talk about all kinds of personal things — sometimes with total strangers.

Renowned physician educator and women’s health advocate, Donnica Moore MD, recreates that safe place with her podcast “In the Ladies’ Room”.

The sheBOOM community thanks Dr. Donnica Moore for taking this time spread her wisdom and inspire other women through her podcast and on sheBOOM!

Why did you start “In the Ladies’ Room with Dr. Donnica?”

“I often hear women say, ‘I don’t have time to worry about my health,’ but I tell them, ‘You don’t have time not to.’

I had previously done very formal presentations. But I realized that the offhanded random conversations with total strangers in ladies’ rooms were actually quite interesting and insightful. My whole first episode was based on my own ladies’ room stories.

I started the podcast so I could talk to women in the same casual way we talk over the sink. I select women who are subject matter experts, but we have great informal conversations. They are intimate and we focus on topics that are first and foremost embarrassing (like bladder, bowel, and period problems).”

What Have Been Some of Your Most Memorable Episodes?

“All things #metoo dealt with sexual assault, consent, and harassment and was an interview with Nancy Hogshead-Makar. My most recent episode (#50) was with Dr. Laura Marshall, who I met on Twitter following Kate Spade’s suicide. She opened up and talked about her own suicide attempts and what feeling in that much despair really feels like. It was hard to do, but I felt like it educated my listeners about the reality of suicide. I also do fun episodes, like the one I did on “Losing Your Virginity After Divorce.”

What is the Future of Your Media Company?

“Personalized media is the future of the industry. Having a podcast has enabled me to be in charge of my own content and has helped me build my brand. Being relevant and on the pulse of the audience helps me get bookings. We’re also in negotiations with sponsors. I would love to have my own broad reach radio show too. The more channels I’m operating in, the better for my business – which is consulting to corporate clients.”

We at sheBOOM wish you the best and look forward to hearing more of your insights “In the Ladies’ Room”!