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What are YOU grateful for?

First, I’m grateful for all the women who make sheBOOM come alive every day!

This site is just about a year old and I’ve been amazed and touched by the continuous outpouring of stories and inspiration from REAL women who overcome obstacles, self-doubt, fears, and life pressures to launch and run their own businesses and share their stories and advice with others.

Entrepreneurship is constantly being hyped by the media as being fun and fabulous and fierce, but we all know that being a female founder is really hard work. Speaking of hard work, before you all head out to stuff a turkey, celebrate with family or friends, or do something charitable for Thanksgiving…

Enjoy some of the stories of gratitude we’ll be posting in the days ahead. Having trouble getting into a grateful groove? Here are some tips. 

If you have a gratitude to share, please just fill out this simple form by November 30th!

P.S. I’d also like to express my gratitude to the awesome team of women — Radhika, Lindsay, Haley, Amy, Jamie, Nicki, and Emily — who helped me build my own business and brands this year through their hard work, advice, and humor!