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What’s Hot & Cool? #13: All Natural Bath and Body Products

Keeping it natural with chemical-free deodorants, body care, and makeup brands

What’s happening? Organic and natural products are in high demand, and bath, body and makeup manufacturers are embracing better ingredients and environmentally-friendly packaging, according to Business Wire. This year popular products include spray deodorant, probiotic, superfood and multi-stage skincare treatments.

Why should you care? Knowing what consumers want will help your product stay one step ahead of demand. Generation Z is especially interested in healthy living habits.

Who’s leading? Jaime Schmidt founded Schmidt’s Naturals in 2014 as a homemade deodorant concoction. Since its inception, Schmidt progressed from selling her product from a jar at local venues to sticks carried by 14,000 retailers including Kroger, Walmart, Whole Foods, Target and Urban Outfitters.  “I had a realization that the deodorant industry was weak and boring, and I wanted to blow it up,” Schmidt told Fast Company. She wanted to use bold, distinct scents and effective product that prevents body odor and perspiration.

What can you do? If you’re in the personal care business, think about how you can remove potentially harmful ingredients from your products. And, as a consumer be sure to read those labels!