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What’s Hot & Cool? #15: Gorpcore is the New Athleisure

Your new outfit will be as ready for a hike as it is for a casual work day.

What’s happening? While athleisure flourished in the past year, gorpcore is reigning supreme in 2017. The trend, which gets its name from GORP (a hiker’s nickname for trail mix) blends normcore and athleisure.

Why should you care? As Silicon Valley culture blurs the line between workwear and weekend gear, offices are becoming increasingly lax. The rise of gorpcore could mean leggings, wool socks, and fleece sweatshirts become your daily uniform.

Who’s leading? Tyler Haney, featured in the 2016 edition of Forbes 30 under 30, launched Outdoor Voices in 2013. The Parsons School of Design graduate was looking for a more inclusive alternative to competition-focused active wear retailers like Nike and Under Armour. She received investments of over $8 million to create a label based on her childhood in the outdoorsy Boulder, CO: accessible workout-wear that blurred the line between social life and time on the trail.

What can you do? Haney’s motto “doing things” is one we can all keep in mind. Whether or not you delve into the gorpcore trend (Outdoor Voices and sustainability giant, Patagonia, are good places to start) we can all benefit from getting active. The trend leaves consumers prepared to get active in their daily lives, instead of relegating workouts to the gym. If you need a place to start, these easy changes add up to a healthier lifestyle.