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What’s Hot & Cool? #2: Women-Focused Investment Strategies

Women Will Face Significant Retirement Challenges.

What’s happening? The poverty rate has always been higher for women than for men. But longer life expectancy, divorce rates, and career challenges seem to be widening the gap.

Why should you care? Even if life-after-work seems to be light-years away, having enough money to enjoy your entire life is important. In the interim, you may need to think about paying for kids’ educations, health care costs, and other realities of life.

Who’s leading? Sally Krawcheck, a former Wall Street CEO has developed Ellevest, a new digital approach to investment. As she puts it, she’s not just “shrinking and pinking” the traditional investment model.

What can you do? If you’re under 30, consider making these financial moves. If you’re over 50, here are some great tips for keeping your career on-track.