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What’s Hot & Cool? #27: Clean Cosmetics

You only have one face. Take care of it.

What’s happening? Clean labels are everywhere —clean bath and body products, clean eating — and cosmetics are no exception. People are willing to pay for better quality ingredients. Beauty trends point to customization and accessibility — and consumers are breaking away from mainstream brands and their signature products.

Why should you care?  Forbes claims that “it’s never been a better time to be a beauty entrepreneur.” Here’s why: it’s a $445 billion industry and cosmetics alone value at $62 billion, according to Statista. Self-made women are dominating, with at least 40 prominent female-founded beauty lines existing today.

Who’s leading? Sarah Biggers launched Atlanta-based CLOVE + HALLOW in 2017. Her products are vegan, chemical free, affordable and PETA-certified. Her products also offer a wide range of color tones tailored to a diverse set of clients. Biggers claims that the oils used in her products are “good-enough-to-eat” and uses a Clean15 formula — using 15 or fewer safe ingredients in her makeups made for face, lips and skin. She plans to expand into cheeks and eyes soon.

“I’ve found that people are excited to make the switch to green beauty if they can find brands that give them performance they are used to,” Biggers said.  In the first 24 hours following launch, CLOVE + HALLOW moved $2,000 worth of inventory. Next up? Biggers plans to expand into retail.

What can you do? Eco-friendly products require careful planning and advertising and, if you do it right, growing the business and selling it can be a profitable option. Last year, 62 privately-held beauty companies were acquired.