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What’s Hot & Cool? #3: “The Uniform”

Women are Adopting “Zuckerberg Chic” at Work

What’s happening? Although the infamous grey tee shirt and hoodie may not always be appropriate for women founders, adopting a “uniform” at work can save time, thought, and money — and make packing for business trips easier. The Washington Post featured it as a trend.

Why should you care? Fashion trends like the athleisure boom can mean big profits, if you know your market and differentiate your product. Although retail fashion has remained flat, athletic wear is up 12% and is predicted to last on the racks for ten more years, according to business media.

Who’s leading? Way beyond the track suit is Sarah LaFleur who launched MM.LaFleur (named after her mother). The $70 million digital retailer offers women Bento Boxes of fashionable separates, based on a personalized questionnaire.  The focus is primarily luxury work wear.

What can you do? If you decide to create your own uniform as a female founder, consider working with a stylist (like the ones you’ll find on Stitch Fix) to hone in on a personal brand statement that works for you and your lifestyle. Starting your own fashion brand? Make sure you have a solid perspective on business as well as style and seek out mentors who have built successful lines. And be sure to get smart about the technology of fashion — from design to manufacture to customer analytics and trend predicting, machines will soon rule the fashion world!