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Who’s Fearless? Christina Perla

Who I am:

Christina Perla, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, & Creative Director

My company:

Makelab, a 3D printing service bureau based in Brooklyn, NY (Co-Founder & Managing Partner), and Tangent Design, a product design and development firm also located in Brooklyn (Co-Founder & Creative Director).


My fear:

Being fresh out of college and owning/juggling 2 businesses – it’s a daunting task to be a leader at such a young age.

How I overcame it:

By mustering up resiliency within myself and just doing it, without being intimidated by what I didn’t know, and without letting fear slow me down.

What happened next:

My one year old startup, Tangent Design, acquired Makelab in April 2017 and is on track to increase sales by 250% by December 2017 (8 months). At just 25 years old, I have already produced 3D prototypes for a breadth of big names ranging from Samsung to Nvidia to NYU. I’m also actively involved in educating today’s youth on 3D Printing as one of the fastest growing fields in technology through hands-on workshops, product demonstrations and informative tours of Makelab’s workspace.