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Who’s Fearless? Amanda Curtis & Gemma Sole

Who we are:

Amanda Curtis & Gemma Sole, founders of Nineteenth Amendment

Our company:

Launches independent fashion brands from around the world in pre-sale and allows them to manufacture on-demand sustainably in the USA through our technology platform. We are building the future of fashion.


Our fear:


How we overcame it:

After years of being young, female entrepreneurs, we have faced many mini failures but have realized that the only true failure is giving up or not trying at all.

What happened next:

We were the first startup to partner with the biggest fashion retailer in the world, Macy’s Inc. and have worked with over 500 fashion brands and partnered with the likes of Disney, Microsoft, and Lord & Taylor. We were also named to Forbes 30 under 30 list, helped designers dress celebrities like Amal Clooney and Nina Garcia, and most importantly have created meaningful impact and jobs in the fashion industry through US manufacturing and helping young designers all with under $500k in funding.


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