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Who’s Fearless? Dee Rivera

Who I am:

Dee Rivera, Founder

My company:

DCG Public Relations, which specializes in digital marketing and advertising for brands seeking to reach the next level of growth; Latinista Fashion Week in NYC


My fear:

There were many fears starting my brand and business. The biggest thing was fear of the unknown – Am I qualified? Can I really be a CEO? How am I going to survive without a consistent check coming in? This was uncharted territory, I didn’t know what would happen…

How I overcame it:

I had to make a decision to face fear, and let it go. I had to embrace it and be okay with the knowledge that if I failed, I failed trying. I am now at a place where what I do does not identify who I am, but who I am defines what I do…this lets me create multiple brands and be successful in what I do.

What happened next:

I have been covered by major press, and I have two books being published in 2018 – The Inspired Latina and Chick Flick Love. I have gotten to a point that investors are wanting to buy into my business with multi-million dollar contracts.


“My message to all is ‘Do not believe the lie or your dream will die.’”