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Who’s Fearless? Eram Siddiqui

Who I am:

Eram Siddiqui, founder of Hudson + Bleeker.

My company:

Hudson + Bleeker designs travel and lifestyle accessories.


My fear:

Not starting my business and the lingering question of “What If?”

How I overcame it:

I overcame it by taking a risk and launching Hudson+Bleecker. Four years later, we are stronger than ever and have received partnerships to make my organization a multi-million dollar company. My risk-taking and faith in my vision paid off!

What happened next:

We are an all female led company, we have opened 400 retailers worldwide, launched on QVC, increased sales 300% in 2017, and have grown our team of one to a team of six kick-ass women. This year we also partnered with The Floating Hospital of New York to gift 100 Mother’s Day Beauty Bags to women living in shelters across the city.