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Who’s Fearless? Jeanie Engelbach

Who I am:

Jeanie Engelbach, Lifestyle Curator

My company:

A lifestyle service that assists the client in creating a more polished, cohesive & efficient home and work space.


My fear:

Being able to sustain the company – turning supplemental hustle into being able to sustain my lifestyle. The fear is always there, but I adapt as the world/economy/environment changes!

How I overcame it:

Consistent business. If you leap – the net appears!

What happened next:

Continuously builds her team and business (went from solo to a team of 12, low income months to 6-figure business, and can have consistent 5 figure months (even when on holiday)), donates proceeds to those in need, an all around life transformer.


“Candy colored, quirky and a dash of sass all rolled into one of the greatest entrepreneurs NYC has to offer!”


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  • jeanie October 3, 2017

    thank you so much for sharing my fear and successes!