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Who’s Fearless? Kalle Simpson

Who I am:

Kalle Simpson, CEO of NIGHT

My company:

NIGHT offers an innovative line of sleep products, engineered to nourish your skin and hair in your sleep for added beauty benefits. The products have been featured on national TV (Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Good Morning America) and in major publications (Elle, Marie Claire, Health Magazine, Real Simple). My latest line of products, NIGHT pillows, have seen viral success thanks to vocal support by top dermatologists and celebrities.


My fear:

My biggest fear is probably anyone’s biggest fear: failure.

How I overcame it:

The stakes are raised when you have a team of people behind you because now failure would affect everyone who is following behind you, and I can’t let them down.

What happened next:

Since 2015, we have made $1 million+ in revenue with no external investment. We’ve built a company with our own products, selling at 7 major national retailers.