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Who’s Fearless? Lea von Bidder

Who I am:

Lea von Bidder, Founder & CEO

My company:

Ava, an ovulation tracking bracelet, which has been dubbed the “fitbit for fertility.”


My fear:

Company growth.

How I overcame it:

I take time to build confidence to manage an ever-growing team of extremely talented people, and I’ve built a network with other successful founders who are going through the same thing – their support is invaluable!

What happened next:

In the male-dominated tech and investor environment, I managed to raise more than $12 million for the venture. In 2016, I opened US operations in San Francisco single-handedly.

I started my first company in a dorm room in China to bring premium, not vegetable oil-altered chocolate to the Indian market (India has very loose laws about the term “chocolate” which leads to very poor quality). I opened our first chocolate shop, L’inouï, shortly after arriving in Bangalore. It is still running successfully today.


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