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Who’s Fearless? Lori Riviere

Who I am:

Lori Riviere, CEO & Founder

My company:

The Riviere Agency, a fashion PR/Marketing/Events agency.


My fear:

There was fear when I decided to switch career paths and move from Law to Fashion PR (2 very different areas).

How I overcame it:

I was able to overcome that fear by not letting it consume me. Thankfully my mom really taught me about the whole idea of positive thinking and sending out good energy. I think a career change is possible for anyone, but you have to be ready to put in the work emotionally, physically and financially to make it happen.

What happened next:

I have turned my business from a one woman show to a multi-employee operation with partners in NY, Miami, LA, and Milan. This past season of NYFW The Riviere Agency did PR for 9 runway presentations, making it one of the top agencies working on NYFW shows.


“No one is going to hand you your dream, you have to work for it, but I think if you are willing to work hard and send out positive energy, you really can do anything. And knowing you can do anything, really helps you in becoming a truly fearless being.”