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Who’s Fearless? Marie Force

Who I am:

Marie Force, Author

My company:

Writes romance novels.


My fear:

That my books actually sucked, based on all the rejections I received early in my career.

How I overcame it:

By continuing to write and not allowing the naysayers to extinguish my love of writing.

What happened next:

Written more than 50 books; been on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestsellers lists multiple times. All the books that were rejected way back when are on sale now and have sold in the tens of thousands. I like to say no one wanted me but my readers back then! I’m extremely supportive of the romance-writing community, offering accessible workshops, having an author network on Facebook, etc.


I engage like a madwoman with my readers and often tell them how grateful I am that they continue to buy my books and allow me to live this dream life.