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Who’s Fearless? Nancy Capistran

Who I am:

Nancy Capistran, Founder of Capistran Leadership, LLC and Crisis Interception, LLC.

My company:

Nancy describes Capistran as “911 for businesses.” It is a business advisory firm that specializes in “human dynamics.”


My fear:

I had 3 types of cancer and underwent 10 surgeries in a 4-year period. Due to the judgmental landscape of our society, I refrained from telling most of my business contacts about what I was battling.

How I overcame it:

My future business intentions required that I be able to perform at the highest level to accelerate success for her clients. I needed to be taken seriously and have all “judgments” be positive in nature and based solely on my personal and professional skills and abilities. I knew I was capable and chose to fight privately.

What happened next:

At the Night of 500 Stars Event on May 18, 2017, I was presented with the Most Inspirational Member Award for Outstanding Achievement! Capistran Leadership LLC is thriving.

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