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Who’s Fearless? Proud Limpongpan

Who I am:

Proud Limpongpan, Founder of Cerimani Jewelry

My company:

Cerimani Jewelry is a sustainable jewelry brand that will be able to actively support rural communities in the region that serve as our products’ source of inspiration. Our support will come via skill recognition, building vocational jewelry schools, and funding essential water and sanitation projects.


My fear:

Leaving a high-paying job (especially in retail) to start something new in NYC!

How I overcame it:

I was scared people wouldn’t believe in the product or its mission, but I believe in Cerimani!

What happened next:

We funded our first village with the Karen Hilltribes Trust this November: it is a chance to get clean running water to a remote village in Thailand, so that kids will be able to go to school instead of walking miles just to get clean water!


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