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Who’s Fearless? Rebecca D. Costa

Who I am:

Rebecca D. Costa, Sociobiologist, Writer, & Radio Host

My company:

Put sociobiology work into practical service by writing books, a regular news column, articles, and hosting a weekly syndicated radio news program, The Costa Report.


My fear:

Public speaking.

How I overcame it:

Leaned into my fear by becoming a radio host, speaking at large conferences and doing TV interviews. Wore my fear out!

What happened next:

Syndicated radio program with 2 million+ listeners weekly, 2 best-selling books on global trends. Loving my work – I’m not just working to make a living.

Rather than stuff insecurities down, she channels them into propelling herself to do even better work.  A lack of confidence can be a prison or propellant.  We decide.”


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