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Who’s Fearless? Stephanie Cartin

Who I am:

Stephanie Cartin, Social Media Marketing Expert

My company:

Cartin is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Socialfly, a New York City-based Social Media Marketing & Influencer Agency.


My fear:

The unknown. Stephanie was diagnosed with MS in 2011 and was afraid of the uncertainty it brings.

How I overcame it:

Stephanie lives every day to the fullest!

What happened next:

Stephanie co-founded Socialfly on the side of her full-time job in 2011. Now, with a team of almost 25, she has worked with over 200 clients and achieved the $1 million revenue mark after only 3 years in business!


“Everyone on our team is astounded by how much [Stephanie] is able to accomplish each day and do it all with a smile!”


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