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Who’s Fearless? Tonia L. Clark

Who I am:

Tonia L. Clark, Founder of WhyNotMom.com

My company:

A unique directory of businesses run by work-at-home-moms.


My fear:

My biggest fear is that all the time I have put into this vision for my business will fall apart.

How I overcame it:

By making a minimum of 3 daily goals for myself. I also surround myself with a strong network of businesswomen and keep my priorities in check.

What happened next:

I have personally organized campaigns for brands utilizing my inside knowledge of influencer marketing and have successfully created unique revenue streams they would not have had otherwise.


“I started my business with the goal to help other work at home moms succeed in their business so they could take care of their families and no longer feel financially burdened. The more families I help, the closer I feel to my dreams coming true!”


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