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Who’s Fearless? Vanessa Santos

Who I am:

Vanessa Santos, CEO, Founder, & VP

My company:

LaVidaGlamour.com (Founder), a bilingual personal fashion and lifestyle blog; CPG Group at Mastercard (VP of Latin America); Modern Diversity Records (CEO & Co-Founder)


My fear:

One of her biggest fears was being an adult on welfare and going hungry.

How I overcame it:

I landed my first job at 13 years old and since then have paved the way for Latina women at tech startups and other companies. My work ethic is what has made me successful today.

What happened next:

I received a prestigious marketing award during my time at Gilt for launching an experiential campaign with Coke and various designers. I also amassed over 1 billion impressions for her partnerships combined. At Mastercard, I successfully launched the first ever order ahead app in Latin America and continue to make waves in other parts of the world.


“She’s incredibly giving lending her time and support to various organizations especially ones dealing with children. She mentors various female business students to help them achieve their fullest potential but most of all, she’s a good hearted person who does all she can to take care of her family and others.”


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