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Who’s Fearless? Vickie Howell

Who I am:

Vickie Howell, founder of The Knit Show

My company:

The Knit Show is the “first studio quality, community-funded and internationally accessible, episodic how-to knitting & crochet series.” It sidesteps traditional avenues to create high-quality, engaging, accessible DIY programming, content, and products.


My fear:

Admitting I needed help!

How I overcame it:

Making myself vulnerable enough to admit publicly that I needed the community’s help to create this project — one that I knew would greatly benefit not only that community, but the industry surrounding it.

What happened next:

In 30 days and with over 1200 businesses and individual contributors, my team and I raised 110% of our Kickstarter goal joining the only 36% of crowd funders on that platform to successfully complete a campaign. The funding went to create the first of its kind in the DIY programming world: a studio-quality, community funded, internationally accessible, lifestyle series.



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