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Who’s Fearless? Viet N’Guyen

Who I am:

Viet N’Guyen, Founder & CEO

My company:

Issa PR, a luxury brand strategy and public relations agency headquartered in New York with teams in London and Los Angeles


My fear:

My biggest fear was uncertainty of success and the unknown of whether we would grow and flourish as a major player, and agency.

How I overcame it:

By taking risks and investing time and creative energy into every client and campaign. Through word-of-mouth, recommendations and referrals, every client in our first two years came to us after hearing about our work.

What happened next:

Created agency by myself and quickly worked with the biggest brands in the world in less than six months (Absolut Vodka, Def Jam Records, Vogue Italia). Expanded the company rapidly into multiple markets/territories in less than a year. I was named on George Wayne/Vanity Fair’s “Downtown 100” list of influential people who define Downtown Manhattan, alongside Alexander Wang, Madonna and Rihanna. I was the only PR person named on the list.