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Widening The Talent Pipeline For Women in STEM

Here are the numbers, ladies:

  • Girls Who Code reported that 74% of young girls express interest in STEM fields & computer science.
  • 18% percent of undergraduate computer sciences degrees and 26% percent of computing jobs are held by women (Based on Tech Crunch, 2016 article).

What happens along the way in the careers of these young women? Why is there such a large drop-off? Many publishers note that the talent pipeline for women in tech is too small, but others argue that employers unconscious biases are still present.

According to FastCompany, 24% of the developers in HackerRank’s own dataset of over 2 million coders, are female (as of 2016). Quantity doesn’t necessarily meant quality, FastCompany discussed different ways that companies can widen the talent pipeline, and start building their diversity. Read more here.