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Practicing Gratitude with Andrea Pass

This holiday season, we’re focusing on gratitude. For so many of us, 2020 has been hard and frankly, pretty weird. In spite of it all, we can choose to be thankful. 

We asked our sheBOOM community what you are doing to stay calm and practice gratitude this year. Over the coming weeks, we’re sharing the ideas and stories of several incredible women who are inspiring us with their energy and calmness. 

First up, meet Andrea. Through her business, Andrea Pass Public Relations, LLC, Andrea uses public relations and third-party editorial coverage to increase brand awareness, grow reputations, and drive sales for her clients. For Andrea, professional and personal community have been vital to keeping her grateful and grounded this season. 

What or who are you grateful for and why?

In addition to my family and friends, I am grateful for the new relationships I’ve made through networking during the pandemic. While our relationships are young, I appreciate the support, education, and business friendships from fellow entrepreneurs near and far.

These new business contacts are terrific sounding boards for sustaining and growing my business, Andrea Pass Public Relations, during this challenging time. Some days, we share ideas. Other days, we simply talk about family, interests, and the news. 

I look forward to maintaining these relationships long-term.

Do you have a special way of practicing gratitude in your business? What is it?

I practice gratitude by picking up the telephone. By calling others in business and letting them know that I appreciate their assistance or knowledge, I am practicing gratitude. 

It isn’t about sending a gift or taking someone out for a nice lunch. It’s about showing others that relationships matter and that I don’t take those relationships for granted. 

I appreciate each and every new relationship and look forward to growing those into long-term contacts.

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