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Are These 4 Gifts on Your Wish List? They Should Be

The key to a happy, profitable New Year is giving more of ourselves to each other.

Women in start-up mode are always busy and often resource-strained.  At holiday time, you’re more concerned with hitting your next revenue target than shiny new toys and pretty packages.   So what do you REALLY want under the tree?  According to Forbes, a little help from your peers.  Here are 4 gifts you can give a fellow founder that are sure to give back:

  1. Share your Network.  A single intro can be an important door-opener
  2. Make Strategic Time. Carve out time each week for advice or feedback, even if just a few minutes by phone
  3. Share Insights.  Leverage peers for coaching or practicing your next pitch; reciprocate
  4. Share Resources.  Office space, session passes, intern help.  No gesture too small for lean-running start-ups

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