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Practicing Gratitude with Claudia Washington

A few weeks ago, we asked you what you’re doing to stay calm and cultivate a grateful heart this year. You all delivered! Over the coming weeks, we’re sharing the ideas and stories of several incredible women who are inspiring us to practice gratitude. 

Today, meet Claudia Washington. Through her business, FunKnCrystals, Claudia is an eyewear designer who handcrafts eyewear using only natural gemstones and crystals. Her choice of materials strives to create healing energy. Love and community have helped ground her this year as she perseveres in gratitude. 

What or who are you grateful for and why?

I’m most grateful for my family and their continued support. I was not always focused and driven. At first, I went down the wrong path, and I had to reinvent myself. It took 25 years, but I received my baccalaureate degree. I haven’t looked back, and my family is still here.

In 2015, my health started to fail, and I am now permanently disabled. It was in the midst of this difficult season that I started my FunKnCrystals business. Initially, it was challenging to switch from a corporate mindset and redirect that energy to growing my own business. Still, my family supported me in more ways than I can count.

The most important thing my family did was believe in me! Knowing that keeps me going, even when I wake up and don’t feel well. That love and support are paramount to my success.

Do you have a special way of practicing gratitude in your business? What is it?

Yes, my gratitude in business is expressed through my collaborations with other brands. I connect with like-minded businesses, and we pool our resources so that we can build our brands faster together.

Business is all about building relationships. When you can help others in this process, everybody wins. Some brands struggle with getting access to the resources they need to help build their brands. My business model allows me to contribute to these brands in a positive way.

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