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Hire Purpose: How to Hire the Best People For Your Sweets (or Other) Business

Hiring employee #1 is a big step in any business.

It’s an even bigger step when it’s YOUR business and every penny of the person’s salary is coming out of your pocket.  Yesterday, I happened to visit a Farmers Market and an enthusiastic young woman sold me Ommie Snacks. She was so familiar with the product and so enthusiastic I assumed she was the business owner. It turned out she was actually Employee #1. The woman-owned company certainly found a gem.

So, how do you find that superstar?

  • WHEN should you hire? This great article from Entrepreneur lays out specific criteria. If the person isn’t going to help you make money or save money, you don’t need her!
  • HOW should you hire? Read here about the hiring process and some great interview questions. Although these tips are targeted to the bar and nightclub industry, most of them apply to any service business. Check out some of these unusual questions asked by big brand companies. Quirky is only good if it helps you find exactly what you need in your business.
  • WHAT should you do when the employee starts? As a business owner, you may be so busy running your business that you skimp on training time. Invest in onboarding and it will pay off in the long run. Make sure you consult a bookkeeper and/or accountant about the best way to pay your new hire. Be sure you’re complying with state and federal laws. Shortcuts or below-the-radar systems can cost you later.
  • UH-OH! You made a hiring mistake. It happens. No one likes to fire someone (especially if you’ve hired a friend, relative, or close referral). Here are some basic tips on how to handle the process.

Remember, the key to scaling is being able to work ON your business rather than IN your business. Although you always need to keep your fingers in the dough (as it were), managing your financials, product quality, and customer service, the right hire can catapult you to new levels of profitability.

  • Claudia Fierro-Poppen July 12, 2017

    Wonderful article. Thanks for finding our company Ommie Snacks and trying our products at the Excelsior Farmers Market.. We are so grateful and beyond excited to have found such an incredible person to be Employee #1. She’s smart, eager to learn, fantastic disposition and willingness to go the extra mile. And, I couldn’t agree more with you: finding the right talent + properly on-boarding them is key to any business success. Thank you!