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Spreading the Joy with Dina Scherer, Founder of Modnitsa Styling

Styling NYC… one client at a time!

Dina Scherer took her childhood passion for fashion and styling and made it into a full-time career when she founded Modnitsa Styling. She was recently named #1 Image & Wardrobe Consultant in NYC by Thumbtack!

Dina notes: “2016 was a very rewarding year for my business! I’ve been able to work with dozens of women, helping them define & elevate their personal style to look & feel more confident! With every woman I’ve been able to help, I’ve also felt more and more strongly about the mission of my business — focused on creating a shift for women to align their image with the message they want to send to the world. On a more personal note, I was featured in the New York Times in March (which was very exciting), and have recently become a contributor to SWAAY Media with a column on fashion, image and style — to share my style passion and advice with other female entrepreneurs.”

Here is Dina’s tip for aspiring women entrepreneurs:

“Don’t lose sight of the big picture. Allow yourself to be open to new possibilities. Try not to compare yourself to others too much, as each of us her our own unique path and timeline.”

Thank you for sharing, Dina!

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